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Creepnation is not just clothing apparel, it's a movement 

Creepnation burst on to the Philadelphia Hip Hop scene with no words! Just a logo of an obscure Hip Hop kid cartoon, donned in Creepnation branded headphones and glasses!
Attached to style fashionista and Hip Hop culture preservationist Dana Bullard, a South Philadelphia native, committed to preserving the integrity, innovation and unity of Hip Hop through support and resources for artists. 
She now describes the brand as a "Movement", moving "slow and steady", while eventually getting to your destination. 
With that mindset she hit the streets of Philly peddling her Creepnation 
T-shirts at all the local events, concerts and corners, to promote the need to "stay on the grind and be fresh” while doing so!
Creepnation's goals for the upcoming years: To build an empire that will provide services for artists in all facets of music such as, artist development, branding individuality, BMI and ASCAP services.
Join The Movement!
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